Humber Café: Round Table Discussions with Humber Alumni

I had the pleasure of meeting Humber Alumni and current students tonight at the Humber Café round table discussions. I had the opportunity to hear and ask questions about their career path journey, gained valuable advice, and expand my knowledge about business industries. 

Here are my key takeaways:

  • Find out what you’re good at. Own what you do and own who you are.
  • Test your limits; don’t be afraid to try what’s out there.
  • Have the courage to reinvent yourself.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. Have confidence in yourself.
  • Look at the long haul of your goals and keep building.
  • When applying for opportunities, find ways to highlight yourself and stand out from others.
  • Title means nothing until you can influence others and gain their trust and respect.
  •  Everything you learn along the way is a stepping stone to another opportunity; pay attention to your transferrable skills.
  • A career path is not a straight destination, it has crossroads and detours; it requires a combination of skills you’ve gained from every experience.

I would like to thank Stephanie WilliamsMichael BallardDeren HasipJoe CostaBruce GoldieLanny BarcelosRaDeana MontgomeryHumber Café organizers, and Ten Thousand Coffees for such an insightful evening. 

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