Receiving the Leadership Award

I am so honoured to receive the Bachelor of Commerce Digital Business Management Leadership Award made possible by the generosity of supporters of the Faculty of Business who care about the success of students and creating unlimited possibilities for the future.

I chose to study Digital Business Management at Humber College because of the distinctive courses and learning outcomes of this program. I aspire to be a digital entrepreneur that is constantly learning and growing, and I believed that I am able to achieve that at Humber. As digitization becomes even more relevant in today’s world, this program provides the hybrid learning of business and technology and how to successfully incorporate both important aspects of the industry. Throughout my time at Humber, I met individuals, students, professors, and my program coordinator, who inspire and help me improve personally and professionally. A notable experience I had that made me especially proud is being part of the Digital Business Student Association and Humber Online Solutions. I am so glad to have been part of an incredible team composed of diverse, bright people. Above all, the Digital Business Management program has encouraged me to positively step out of the comfort zone and reach for new opportunities. Each year and semester, I’ve become more excited and passionate about the rest of my studies and career.

This generous support helps alleviate the financial stress that comes with pursuing higher education and exhilarates my focus on the importance of learning and education. This scholarship has also inspired me to reach my career goals and find success so that one day, I will be able to contribute back to the community. It is my sincere gratitude that donors are devoted to nourishing and encouraging students. I am very thankful for the unwavering support and for opening new opportunities.