Vocalize Climate

In partnership with YCI’s Youth Climate Leadership Program

Learn with us about climate actions, sustainability and relevant environmental topics through our podcast series.

Your hosts Alex and Princess, team up to start this space for everyone so our listeners and ourselves can learn and have an open conversation about the environment, climate change, and sustainability — in an uncomplicated way. We hope that this show can help everyone at every level to feel confident in sharing and applying what they learn. We also hope that this provides the first or second step to our listeners on their journey of learning and taking climate actions.

Humber Online Solutions:
FALL 2020 Building Digital Capacities

This Fall 2020 semester, Humber Online Solutions presents Building Digital Capacities. I am proud to join HOS this semester as the Moderator and Project Coordinator for “Digital Analytics; Measuring Social Media ROI” and “Web Scraping” webinar.

DigiTalk poster

DBSA presents #DigiTalks

This semester, Winter 2020, we are proud to host our new Webinar Series: #DigiTalks.

The Digital Business Student Association is please to announce the new webinar series: #DigiTalks this winter semester. Join us every Saturday mornings from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. We carry out a series of technical skills workshops and career success interviews with our alumni. The webinars are interactive! You will be able to ask questions through the chat box and our presenters will be able to answer your questions during the webinar.


This Fall 2019 semester, Digital Business Student Association launches #TechWeek once again. I am proud to join DBSA and help organize these hands-on workshops presented by the Digital Business Alumni.

Some of the presentation I participated was Shopify, Google AdWords & Analytics,  MailChimp, Canva and Facebook Ads.


A 24 hour business hackathon where teams are formed to solve problems of real cases.

Collaborated with business engineering students in a 24-hour workshop to solve problems of a real business case in the city of Horsens, Denmark. Our team was placed 1st in the one-minute pitch presentation.